Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort : A Not-to-Miss Historical Monument

One of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort is considered as one of the popular landmarks of the Jaisalmer city. Built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD, it derived its name from two words – Meru and Jaisal. Meru represents undisputable mythical mountain of the Gods situated in Himalayas and Jaisal itself represents King’s name. The fort is 250 foot tall and reinforced by sandstone wall of 30 feet high. Constituting 99 bastions, it is also known as Sonar Qila or Golden Fort as its yellow color glows like gold during evening and morning when sun rays bestow it.

It’s Architecture: Center of Attraction

The Jaisalmer Fort is unbeatable blend of Rajput and Islamic architectural style, which imparts stunning looks amidst night. Unlike other forts of the city, it houses shops, museums, hotels, residential accommodations, temples, etc., and made from yellow sandstone. The complex of the fort is so vast that it gives shelter to one-fourth of the town’s population. Akshya Pol, Ganesh Pol, Hawa Pol and Suraj Pol are four intricately designed main gateways to reach the fort. Located on Trikuta Hill, it has witnessed fierce battles by Muslim rulers like Humayun and Ala-uddin-Khilji and fortunately, survived all. Raj Mahal, Laxminath Temples and the Jain temples are must to visit places inside the fort and never fail to lure attention of visitors.

Maharawal’s marble throne is one of the most talked about splendid structures of the Jasialmer fort. Jawahar palace, a royal residence is and Five-stored Tazia tower are few other eye-captivating attractions. The Tower is built with decorative Bengali styled roofs by Muslim craftsmen. The Havelis in the fort are another center point of attraction for tourists as they are carved from yellow sandstone, have several floors, countless rooms with adorned windows, doors and balconies.

Well-connected Transport System for Reaching Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort is well-connected with Rail, Road, and Air from most parts of India. Visitors never face any problem in travelling from one place to another as local transportation is quite good and easily available. Auto rickshaws are the cheapest form of transportation and easily carry over 2-3 people at a time.

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