Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon Package

Duration: 1 NIGHT 2 DAYS
Price: 4500/-

Honeymoon tour packages in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is mostly noted as the beguiling blend of ancient forts, shimmering lakes, the heritage group of Havelis, and golden deserts. It is known as the golden city, one of the most adventurous and romantic getaways attracting travelers for ages. You can start plunging into the history of Rajputana in the first phase of your journey of marriage hood with the folk music, folks, deserts, camel safaris, and more included in the astonishing honeymoon tour packages in Jaisalmer curated only for couples.
If you are searching for a unique place to spend time with your better half, here are a couple of the most romantic things you can do in Jaisalmer over your honeymoon weekend.
1. Dive into the bliss of luxury
Rajasthan, the golden city, starts astonishing its guests the moment they step right in. It captures the attention due to its breathtaking beautiful master architecture of various luxury resorts, with Jaisalmer being the spectacular destination for unwinding and pampering yourself involved in the royalty.
We offer your stay in premium resorts offering a massive variety of luxury tents, making you feel the royalty on your honeymoon in Jaisalmer. You can enjoy dining on the dunes while immersing yourself in the traditional music and dance, spending the beautiful night with your partner. Enjoy a luxurious resort in the desert to enjoy a unique experience.
2. Quest for Adventure
Jaisalmer is a prominent one due to its proximity to the core of the Thar Desert. They are mostly marvels for travelers over the city's forts and monuments in Jaisalmer. At the same time, others desire the rush through your adrenaline with the time enjoying the dunes of Jaisalmer.
Being a newly married couple searching for adventure, Jaisalmer is the best place for you. Enjoying your stay at the best resort hosts several adventurous sports in Jaisalmer. Therefore, whenever you are spending your day testing your limits and night indulging in tents.
3. Go sightseeing through the Golden City
Jaisalmer has been the home to the Rajputs, British, and Mughals. They left their imprints, witnessing the first-hand while enjoying touring around Jaisalmer. Enjoy the exquisite forts, monuments, and marvels of architecture, and spend an entire day sightseeing in the lanes of Jaisalmer with your loved one.
Once the educational trip ends, you can head out on the shopping spree. Jaisalmer forms the ideal amalgamation of traditions and luxuries, with the local stores being the window into the Jaisalmer culture. Therefore, if you become a history buff or wish to spend quality time with your loved one as you, book one of our honeymoon tour packages through this Golden City.
4. Bonding on a Safari
You can start exploring the beauty of the Thar Desert when you ride on the good-old camel-like royalty or book a 4X4 jeep. Bashing through the dunes allows you better solace and opportunity for bonding with your loved one.
The camel safari and desert tour is conducted by us, offering the best opportunity to witness the sky lights up like a kaleidoscope. The silhouettes of the camels complete your picture-perfect frames. The main attractions include the tour through the extinct lakes, golden landscapes, tiger spotting, and more.
Enjoy your stay in the beautiful tents by signing up for one of these tour packages.
Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp offers you some of the most astonishing experiences like never before. These tour packages are streamlined for the newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon in the Desert Camping in Jaisalmer. They offer incredible package options to help you enjoy the mystics of the desert. Enjoy every moment as we have tailor-made your entire honeymoon tour itinerary.


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