Diwali Festival Celebration
by Sheesh Mahal Desert Campon

Diwali Festival Celebration Event in Jaisalmer

Shops with beads of miniature lights hung from the ceiling; the homes with earthen diyas filled with oil, lit up, the flame ever so flickering and yet over a hundred of them being enough to light up a home; the delicious scent of flower petals spread everywhere and the fragrant, holy smoke of the incense sticks providing relief from the pollution all around; the great Indian festival of Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is celebrated with whole hearted enthusiasm and devotion in Rajasthan as in the rest of India. In cities, Diwali in Rajasthan is celebrated for 5 continuous days, starting from the festival of Dhanteras, followed by Choti Diwali, Badi Diwali (the main festival), Padwa, and Bhaiduj. Every city of Rajasthan has a unique ardor and although the underlying theme of colors, lights, and celebration is recurrent for Diwali, each of these has its own noteworthy way of giving the festival a personal touch. Being in Jaisalmer during Diwali is a treat to the senses. It is always a colourful, magical place. But if you are fortunate enough to visit it during Diwali, you will see it at its finest. The Golden City shimmers in lights of earthen lamps, artificial lights, bonfires, flowers, and sweets. The highlight of the evening is the Diwali parade marching through the narrow streets of the city. Every person presents there takes part in this spectacle of dancing, music, camels, and confetti. All you see are people in brightly coloured clothing, celebrating.

Diwali is a festival of twinkling lights, shopping gifts, wearing new dresses, gleaming diyas, beautiful rangolis, decorating homes, bursting crackers and savouring delicious cuisines. It is no doubt one of the most awaited and biggest festivals in India that comes loaded with unsurpassed enthusiasm, high spirits and endless joy. The festival signifies the victory of the brightness of over darkness when plenty of diyas and lights eradicate the darkness of the New Moon. The candles and diyas are placed in every nook and corner of the homes to give a heavenly look to the whole scenario. The festival creates an ambience of happiness, delight and prosperity. It tenders ultimate bliss and pleasure to the lives of the people.

Celebrating Diwali – Bringing Delight and Charm to the Life

People clean and decorate their homes with the colourful Rangoli and various other things to welcome Goddess Lakshmi with the pure heart and seek her blessings. The markets come to life with many shops selling different gifting items like the dry fruit baskets, greeting cards, electronic gadgets, essential kitchen items, crockeries, lavish sweets and much more. People buy presents and gift them to their friends or family to bring a huge smile into their faces.

History and Rituals behind the Celebration of Diwali Festival

The festival of lights i.e. Diwali is generally celebrated on the full moonlight, sometime in the month of Ashwin and Kartika (October or November) according to the Hindu lunar calendar. However, the legend has it that the when Lord Rama (King of Ayodhya), defeated Ravana (demon king of Lanka), the people of Ayodhya to commemorate the return of Rama draped the whole kingdom with diyas. It is for the very reason, that the diyas has become an integral part of the Diwali festival. Furthermore, on this auspicious day, Goddess Lakshmi considered as the Goddess of wealth and God Ganesh, God of wisdom and learning are revered to bring good luck and prosperity in the coming year. After the ‘puja’ ceremony is over, people wish each other by distributing sweets, seek blessings from the older members of the house, enjoy bursting crackers and enjoy a lip-smacking dinner together.

Dhanteras festival marks the beginning of Diwali festival in India. It is a day when people engage in cleaning their homes and business premises. On this day, the birthdays of Goddess Lakshmi and Dhanvantari – considered as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity are offered special prayers. Diyas are allowed to burn throughout the night to show respect and welcome the Goddess. According to many people, purchasing of new items, especially the kitchen utensils, gold and silver items are considered to bring good luck and prosperity. The merchants or traders stock up their shops with the desired items so that the people can celebrate the festival of lights with utmost joy.

Food & Drinks

  1.  Food and beverages are available at the festival.

  2.  There will be at least one 24 hour café and food trucks, as well as stall owners, are allowed to serve food and beverages through the night on site for festival residents in Jaisalmer Tents.

  3.  Outside food and beverages are not permitted within the festival premises.

  4.  Alcohol will not be served to people under legal drinking age.

How to get there?

This year’s venue is the beautiful Sam Sand Dunes Desert Jaisalmer where we will be hosted by Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp. About a 40-minute drive from Jaisalmer town the venue is on the same route to Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer.

  • FLYYou can fly to Jaisalmer now directly from Delhi or Jaipur.

  • There’s no direct flight from any other city.

  • Jodhpur is the closest airport other than Jaisalmer so alternately you could fly to Jodhpur and either cab it from there or there’s plenty of public transport.

  • ROAD OR RAIL: However, if you choose to drive,

  • the roads are beautiful all the way to the festival in the dusty Sheesh Mahal Desert Camp in Jaisalmer.

  • Trains are frequent from Calcutta to Uttarakhand as well as the south of India.

Things to remember

  • Carry really warm clothes for the night and summery clothes for the day in Golden Camp in Jaisalmer.

  • Don’t forget any medication you may be on. In case you have any medical issues that we must be made aware of please contact us in advance on sheeshmahaldesertcamp@gmail.com so that we can ensure we have you covered in case there is something to worry about.

  • In case you’re travelling with children please carry all baby foods, medicines with you as well as warm clothes for the baby. Jaisalmer is an hours drive from the festival and is generally equipped with whatever you may need in Camel Safari in Jaisalmer.

  • However, sometimes specific things might not be available.
    Remember we’re in the wild so respect all nature around you. In case you encounter any wild animal please keep your distance and do not approach it and inform our security team.

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